Certified Lawyer Referral Service Complaint Process

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In order to promote public protection, the State Bar of California, Office of Legal Services, accepts and processes complaints related to certified and uncertified Lawyer Referral Services. The Office of Legal Services will review and analyze a complaint to determine if any investigation is warranted. If the complaint demonstrates an apparent violation of applicable regulations, the State Bar will provide the service written notice of the complaint and an opportunity to respond. The State Bar will provide written notice to the complainant regarding what action, if any, it deems appropriate.

If the Office of Legal Services determines that there was a violation of applicable regulations,  but that violation was of a minor nature and curable, the service may be given an opportunity to cure the deficiency. For more serious violations the State Bar may suspend or revoke certification of the service. “In such cases, services may file a petition for review in State Bar Court.” In addition, the State Bar can refer misconduct to another agency.

A complaint and investigations related to it are the property of the State Bar and remain confidential until final suspension or revocation of certification or a proceeding is initiated in State Bar Court, whichever is earlier. State Bar Rule, 3.807.