Loyola Blakefield Faculty and Staff Prayer Partners

Prayer partners is designed to build our community of faith by linking faculty and staff members together so each person who is interested will have a partner, someone to journey with, in spiritual development. Prayer partners will be invited to check-in on one another, attend optional events together and will be provided with various challenges or guidance as needed. Next steps will be identified with those interested. Thank you and God bless you on this journey!

-Adelaide Ofoe and Brendan O’Kane

Please read the below descriptions and identify the place that speaks to where you are on your journey. 

Making the way to Montserrat
o   I have the courage to embark on the adventure of developing my personal prayer life and I’m on the way, but would appreciate someone with more experience who could help guide me in this process. 

On the road, taking a break on the banks of the Cardoner River
o   I have spent a significant amount of time developing my personal prayer life but right now I’m in a bit of a holding pattern, trying to figure out what’s best for me. I’d appreciate someone who is patient and non-judgmental as I work my way back to the road.

In the cave at Manresa
o   I’m at the point where I am engaging in active work in developing my personal prayer life and would appreciate someone who would be willing to push me to make a deeper commitment. 

Studying and sharing the word
o   I feel confident in where I am, recognizing there is always room to grow, and would be interested in taking on a leadership role in the partnership. 


Question Title

* 1. What is your name?

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* 2. Where are you on your journey?

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* 3. What level of time committment would you be able to give towards activities like going for a walk with a prayer partner, having a lunch meeting to check-in or attending a prayer service or mass?

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* 4. No one will be paired with someone without their approval, but what else would be helpful for us to know as you are paired with a fellow faculty or staff member? (Answers will only be seen by Adelaide and Brendan and information will be kept confidential)

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* 5. Is there someone on the faculty or staff you'd like to pair with? Please write their name here.

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* 6. What is your comfort level with sharing about your personal prayer life with someone else?