How Has the Road Conversion Pilot Impacted You?

We realize that converting a road to a trail for a period of time affects those who use the road and the park. Since 3/13/20 we have been collecting input about peoples' first-hand experience of the road conversion - you may have even completed one or more of those surveys! Starting on 10/1/20 we will also begin collecting information through this survey about the impact of the road conversion to you and your support for three different options for the future of the  .6 mile piloted section of road.

--- Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. ---

After the survey, you'll be provided with a URL where you can follow the progress of this project. The page includes contact information if you have additional questions or feedback.

Question Title

* 1. In order for us to understand the difference in impact of the road closure pilot to those who live nearer versus further from Lower Cascades, please let us know your street address.

Question Title

* 2. Have you visited Lower Cascades Park more, less, or the same amount since the road conversion pilot began on 3/13/20?