You’re Done With High School. Why Go Back?

The Purpose Of This Exercise

When you transitioned from high school to college, the future likely captured all of your attention. You may have felt pressured to choose your classes and extracurriculars on the basis of what would get you into college rather than on the basis of expressing and enriching your own interests. You had SATS to prepare for, applications to complete, and essays to write. You had career pathways to consider and majors to choose from.

But contrary to what some adults would have you believe, high school mattered for reasons other than getting you into college. Those four years contributed to your intellectual development—to the state of your knowledge, ideas, and values, which directly influence how you engage with your college courses and campus culture.

If the work you do in college builds meaningfully on the intellectual foundation you laid in high school, then reflection helps ensure you’re on solid footing as you embrace the increased freedom and responsibility of young adulthood.

By using this survey to explore your thoughts and feelings about high school, you’re better positioning yourself to own your college education. This is an opportunity to discover what you want for yourself as a student who aspires to understand the world, people, and yourself more clearly, accurately, and completely.

When you’re done, we’ll send you a beautifully formatted PDF of key insights from your reflection. We’ll then use those (anonymized) insights to inform the development of our courses, which will help students advance their intellectual independence as they transition from high school to college and the wider world.

The Spirit Of This Exercise

This survey is best enjoyed as a reflection exercise. We invite you to find a calm, quiet place to settle in for contemplation. If you find you’re passively clicking through the questions but feeling incurious about your answers, give yourself permission to stop. If, on the other hand, you’re intrigued and engaged by the questions, we look forward to benefitting from your answers.

The Structure Of This Exercise

In the first section of this survey, you’ll explore your sense of yourself as a student. In the second section, you’ll explore what you think makes an ideal education and how your own education compares. In the third section, you’ll explore the relationship between your education and your opinions.

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