The Loomex Group is conducting a needs analysis to develop and deliver an Airside Worker program in 2018. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated, as it will help to inform us.

* 1. If a 40-hour Airside Worker program was made available to your airport, would you send someone to attend to it?

* 2. What tools and resources are currently in place that help or hinder an employee’s ability to effectively do his/her job? (Choose all that apply from the dropdown menu)

* 3. How many workers at your airport might benefit from this program?

* 4. What type of training would you like to see for an Airside Worker program?

* 5. An ideal Airside Worker program would include training for employees to increase their skills, abilities and knowledge. Which ones of the following are priorities for your airport?

* 6. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?