1. Long distance travel survey.

Transport Operations Research Group
Newcastle University

Mr Matthew Caygill
Dr Neil Thorpe
Dr Anil Namdeo
Dr Joan Harvey

We are researching attitudes to long distance transport, including trips made by train, air or road. To get the best analysis, we need as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible.

It is very important to us that you complete this questionnaire, which should take no more than 10 minutes to finish. Please be assured that your responses are completely anonymous.

Many thanks for completing the questionnaire; your time is appreciated. If you have any questions about the survey, want to know more about the purpose of the study, or would like a summary of the results when they are available, please contact matthew.caygill@ncl.ac.uk

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* 1. Before you start the questionnaire, please confirm the following...

Question Title

* 2. We would like you to think about long distance travel (trips of over 50 miles / 80 kilometres in one direction).
Please click the circle indicating your level of agreement with the following statements.
Please consider your attitudes towards all types of transport, even if you do not use them.

  Strongly Agree Agree Slightly Agree Not Sure Slightly Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1) I think current travel times by rail are acceptable
2) Planes and airports can allow productive use of travel time
3) If I had to set off very early I would be anxious about oversleeping
4) I think current travel times by domestic air are acceptable
5) Changing trains can be complicated
6) There should be more domestic flights in the future
7) I am in favour of a visible security presence on trains
8) Travelling in standard class on the train can be generally unpleasant
9) Wi-Fi access would be important to me when travelling
10) Being able to do something while travelling is important to me
11) Fear of terrorism would be a concern if travelling by rail
12) Capacity on existing roads should be increased by adding extra lanes
13) Comfort is more important than travel time
14) I would prefer a mode of transport that gave me flexibility about when I could leave
15) I am prepared to pay extra to compensate for any environmental costs of my travel
16) I enjoy looking at the view while I am travelling
17) I find travelling alone boring
18) If I knew that I would have to stand on a long trip, it would discourage me from using rail
19) I consider myself to be an environmentally friendly traveller
20) I would always want to have a reserved seat if travelling
21) If I was on a train, I would like to be able to see my luggage
22) The road network should be expanded by building new roads
23) I always want to reach my destination as quickly as possible
24) I would fear the potential for terrorism if travelling by air
25) If I was travelling long distance to a city centre, I would prefer to use the train
26) I would always want to get to my destination as comfortably as possible
27) Travelling by train would allow productive use of my time
28) If I had a lot to carry, I would generally choose to travel by car
29) I would worry about missing my transport connection if I could not travel directly
30) I think that theft of checked-in hold luggage on airlines is a problem
31) I would worry about my personal safety if travelling by train
32) In the future, train services should be more frequent
33) Security procedures would make me feel more comfortable if travelling on public transport
34) Other people sitting nearby would disrupt or distract me if I was travelling on public transport
35) Personal safety would be a worry on flights
36) On a plane I would be concerned that my luggage might not arrive at my destination

Question Title

* 3. High Speed Rail (HSR) is proposed as a means of long distance travel in many countries.
Please select one circle indicating your level of agreement with the following statements.

  Strongly Agree Agree Slightly Agree Not Sure Slightly Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
37) I would be discouraged from using high speed rail if it had weight and liquids luggage restrictions
38) Travelling by high speed rail would be more expensive compared to existing rail services
39) Britain should be investing and building high speed rail in the UK
40) High speed trains would use more energy than the trains we have now
41) I think that high speed rail is a step forward for the future
42) In general, I do not know much about high speed rail
43) High speed rail would make return journeys easier to do in a single day
44) I would feel proud if Britain had a new high speed rail network
45) High speed trains would generate more pollution that the trains we have now
46) High speed trains would be noisier than the ones we have now