Information for participants

Griffith University Research Ethics clearance Ref No: 2018/083

Thank-you for participating in this survey on ecological monitoring programs in Australia. The survey is anonymous and should take 10-15 minutes to complete. It is targeted towards those involved in Landcare projects and/or long-term ecological monitoring programs. Feedback on survey results will be available via a factsheet circulated via social media, or direct from Griffith University contacts (see below). More information below:

Why is the research being conducted?

Griffith University has been contracted by the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy (DoEE) to develop a long-term monitoring framework for Regional Land Partnerships (RLP) – a component of the National Landcare Program due for commencement in July 2018. This framework will help the Department monitor and evaluate the impact of its investment on four broad areas of ecological outcomes related to: conservation areas (World Heritage and Ramsar) and priority species and ecosystems.

The basis by which participants will be selected or screened

You have been invited to participate based on your experience in implementing or administering Landcare grants or judging their performance, or, because of your broader experience in ecological monitoring and evaluation in Australia.

The expected benefits of the research

Benefits from the survey are envisaged to manifest in monitoring program design and governance that as far as possible builds on current knowledge and experience. Ultimately it is hoped this will benefit those who implement monitoring, manage monitoring or use the outputs. Research results will be reported to DoEE, and may also be disseminated via academic journal articles and / or conference presentations.

Risks to you: Your confidentiality

All data collected in the survey will be anonymous. All identifiers will be removed prior to any publication or sharing of data with funders or other researchers. This means your name, the name of your organisation and the name of specific programs will not be used or referred to except generically e.g. state government.

Your participation is voluntary

Participation in this research is voluntary. By completing this survey you will be deemed to have consented to participate in this research. During the survey you may withdraw at any time and any information already collected will be destroyed or not included. However as survey data is collected anonymously, once your survey is completed and submitted it will not be possible to retrospectively remove your responses. Your organisation has made no commitments regarding your participation so you will not be disadvantaged if you choose not to participate. Participants will not receive reimbursement.

If you require additional information about this study please contact:

Dr Daniel Schmidt 
ph: (07) 3735 4165;


Dr Gary Palmer 
ph: (07) 3735 3819; 

The ethical conduct of this research

Conducted in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.  If you have concerns about the ethical conduct of this research, please contact the Manager, Research Ethics on 07 3735 4375 or

Feedback to you

The link to a factsheet summarising findings from this survey will be distributed through the DoEE Facebook page as well as other social media and newsletters through which the invitation to participate was sent. Alternatively please email the project contacts above.</

Question Title

* 1. Please indicate which of the following best describes the organisation you currently work for

Question Title

* 2. Have you or your organisation been involved in the administration or implementation of a National Landcare program grant?