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* 1. What is your job title?

* 3. Type of organization?

* 4. Size of organization:

Please note that when we refer to CIO, we mean the most senior or one of the most senior IT professionals in your organization.

* 5. What is the balance of IT decision making in your organization? % by influence (select one)

* 6. How often do you experience Line of Business managers going outside the IT department to secure technology based applications or business solutions?

* 7. Approximately how is your time split between day-to-day management of technology and strategic planning/initiatives?

* 8. Rate the importance of the following technology trends in driving business innovation in your organization.

  Not important Nice to have Quite important Very important Critically important
Social (e.g. Collaboration Software, Social Internet, Community Hubs …)
Mobile (e.g. Mobilisation of business applications, mobile device management, mobile security, mobile and Wi-Fi networks, ERP integration and data harmonization)
Analytics (e.g. Business intelligence platforms, corporate performance management suites, advanced analytics, analytical applications and performance management applications)
Cloud (e.g. Public cloud services such as CRM, payroll, HR and talent management, email, backup, archiving, Web conferencing, file sharing and email/Web filtering)

* 11. Much is being made of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its effect on products, services and operations. Thinking of your own organization, over what timeframe do you think IoT will affect you:

* 12. Big data is described as having Volume (lots of it), Variety (in different forms), Velocity (analysis must be available in real time), and Veracity (its accuracy is unpredictable). Does your organization work with big data?

* 13. Who is primarily responsible for specifying solutions that derive business intelligence from big data in your organization?

* 14. How often do you work with IT people employed by Line of Business departments whose role is to support business function-specific software, applications and cloud services?

* 15. Does your organization develop internal and/or customer apps? (Please select one that applies)

If you answered ‘Yes’ – go to question 16

If you answered ‘No’, skip to question 17

* 16. Is your organization’s app development aimed at: (select ALL that apply);

* 18. What are the challenges facing your organization, related to the increased use of using cloud services (Tick ALL that apply)

* 19. Which of the following IT security threats do you think will pose significant risk to businesses over the next 12 months (tick ALL that apply)

* 20. Which of the following areas of security investment will be priorities for your organization over the next 12 months? (tick ALL that apply)

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