Dear Students,
We need your help to find out what you like about our school and how we can make it better. Please answer the questions below. Do not put your name on this survey. There are no right or wrong answers. We hope that you feel comfortable to answer the questions honestly and show how you really feel about our school.

Please select an answer to each question.

* 1. My gender is:

* 2. I am in grade ____.

* 3. In my school, there are clear rules against physically hurting other people (for example, hitting, pushing, or tripping).

* 4. I have seen students being physically hurt at school more than once by other students (for example, pushed, slapped, punched, or beaten up).

* 5. There are groups of students who exclude others and make them feel bad for not being a part of the group.

* 6. Students at this school will try to stop students from insulting or making fun of others.

* 7. Students in this school respect each other's differences (for example, gender, race, culture, disability, sexual orientation, learning differences, etc.).

* 8. My parents/guardians are made to feel welcome at this school.

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