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PART 1: Qualitative Analysis

Welcome to Part 1 of 2 of the Illinois School Health Services Survey!

This survey will be used to assess the current landscape of school health services across Illinois and identify current challenges and opportunities with providing health services to students. The results of this survey will inform recommendations to the state supporting policies and programs to expand access to and provide resources for school health services in schools. Your district’s participation will help ensure the individual needs of your district are included and addressed in these recommendations.

This survey is broken into two parts:

Part 1: Qualitative Analysis (You are Here!)

Part 1 of the survey will collect information on the types of school health services being provided throughout your school district, services needs and challenges, school health staffing levels and needs, Medicaid billing capacity, and other questions to help assess the current landscape of school health services in Illinois and what challenges and opportunities exist. Completion of Part 1 may require input from various district staff, including finance and billing staff and/or health service staff.

Part 2: Quantitative Analysis (To Be Completed Separately)

Part 2 of the survey will collect data related to the volume of different health services being provided, number of students served, Medicaid reimbursement levels, and school health staffing levels. Part 2 of the survey will be administered through the completion and submission of an Excel spreadsheet. This can be downloaded at  

Please complete both Parts 1 and 2 of the survey by Friday, January 17, 2020.

Please note: No personally identifiable information related to the district or person completing the survey collected will be shared publicly. Results will be disseminated at an aggregate level only.

For questions or assistance in completing this survey, please contact