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We are working on an experimental recommendation application that will connect fans with locally relevant artists.  We would like individual artists or groups to sign up to our experiment (you can read more about it in English here.

We will analyze your music (key, tempo, etc.) and add some information about your music (such as the city you/your band is located at) to make the recommendation based on our algorithm more locally relevant. The information on this form will add further information on your music for our musicology researchers who design the new recommendation algorithm. These questions are not personal, and could be asked by a music journalist. They will be displayed on the project documentation website. Few items, marked with *, although not personal, will  not be displayed at all, only help the fine-tuning of the algorithm.

The only "personal data" we collect is your name and email address. We will never publish your name and address. We only use it to notify you about the end results of the experiment or to have your contact details, should you decide no longer to participate in this experiment. 

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* 1. Name

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* 2. E-mail address

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* 3. Is your music released on the Spotify streaming platform? We only work in this experiment with music on Spotify.

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* 4. Do you want to sign up as an individual performer or as member of a group?