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Before we start, we need your consent. Therefore, first some explanation.
  • Due to medical advancement, HIV has evolved into a chronical disease, with a life expectation which is comparable to that of the general population. People living with HIV have many resources but are also confronted with important challenges, such as telling that they have HIV, sometimes negative reactions of others, and reshaping their sexual life.
  • Sensoa therefore organizes a large-scale survey into the needs of people living with HIV. This survey is supported by the Flemish government. The aim is to investigate the experiences of people with HIV in Flanders and Brussels, in particular with regard to sexual health, the impact of living with HIV, and reactions of others. The results will help to tackle these needs.
  • Filling out the survey takes about 20 minutes. There are no good or bad answers; we are interested in your opinion.
  • This survey contains personal and possibly sensitive issues, such as sexual health and potential negative experiences. However, the survey was thoroughly pretested in a group of people with HIV. We made sure the survey was carefully designed, both in terms of content and the language used. In case you do have questions or experience unpleasant feelings when filling out the survey, you can always contact Sensoa Positief (
  • Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. You can stop at any moment without having to give a reason and without any consequence for care provision. The survey is also strictly anonymous: no personal data are being gathered that can identify you. If you agree with this, please give your consent below:
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