Dear Musician/DJ,

Music Victoria is excited to be commissioned by the Victorian state government and a number of Melbourne Local Government Areas to conduct the Regional Victoria Live Music Census & Audit 2021 and the Melbourne Music Census 2021.

This will be a very important and timely update of research and reporting undertaken in 2017 but, more importantly, will provide essential information to guide investment to restore our sector to health.  
The state and local government, through their various agencies and programs, are seeking data to better target support to restore the sector to its former health.

Your input is an essential part of that.

We’re asking you to report your activity in 2019 – a year of full operation and activity (or lack of) during the restrictions of 2020 + 2021.

Despite the sadness we all share in documenting the downturn, it’s a vital opportunity to provide data the decision-makers require to target investment and identify the priorities for supporting creative practitioners and venue/event operators.

You will be asked for your specific recommendations and to provide your email if you are prepared to undertake a follow-up interview.

If you do identify yourself, I want to assure you that none of the individual information you provide will be shared with any third party.  It will simply be aggregated and shared as ‘totals’.

If you attended events and/or venues as a fan/punter in 2019 and intended to in 2020 or 2021, we'd appreciate your taking a little more time to do the Attendee survey - the link is at the end of this one. 

Thank you for your time and involvement. 

The Music Victoria Live Music Census team. 

If you have any additional comments and/or queries, please feel free to contact me –