Littlefields Bridge in Auburn is on Hotel Road, just north of the airport, and provides a crossing over the Little Androscoggin River. During July and August of 2013, MaineDOT replaced the old green truss with a new bridge using “accelerated bridge construction” techniques, including a lateral slide. These techniques speed up construction to minimize the duration of a project and thereby minimize the time during which the public is inconvenienced. For example, for this project, Hotel Road was completely closed for only 33 days to allow the contractor uninterrupted access. Without accelerated construction, there could have been alternating one-way traffic on Hotel Road with the project lasting for several additional months. However, the shorter duration might not be worth the additional detour time or inconvenience for some people. That’s why MaineDOT would like to hear from residents, motorists and businesses that were affected by the Hotel Road closure and detour route.

Please take a moment to provide feedback on this project and the accelerated construction process. Thanks for your time.

* 1. How often do you normally use Hotel Road and the Littlefields Bridge

* 2. How satisfied are you with the approach used to construct the new facility, including the traffic patterns used during the Littlefields Bridge construction? The traffic patterns include the complete closure for Hotel Road for 33 days and the use of a detour route.

* 3. How satisfied are you with the new Littlefields Bridge compared with the previous structure?

* 4. Taking into consideration all that you experienced and know about this project, would you agree that construction delays and disruptions were minimized to the extent possible?

* 5. How would you prefer to get information regarding transportation issues such as construction projects, detours, and travel delays? Of the following, please indicate your first and second choices.

* 6. Taking into consideration your own experience as well as anything you may have seen or heard, how would you rate the overall quality of MaineDOT and the services it provides?