Our Crowdfunding Campaign
is LIVE!

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But, you can still do our survey if you wish, just carry on below...
1 Card = 1 Tree
Crowdfunding Campaign

Before we launch our Crowd Funding Campaign in October we want to offer you the chance to
WIN free Greeting Cards!
These cards will also plant trees! All you need to do is tell us which pledge reward you like best...


* 1. Do you think you will pledge to our campaign for Little Difference's hand designed Art, that also plants trees & saves lives?

* 2. When Little Difference launches the crowdfunding campaign in October, which reward are you most interested in?

* 3. Would you care to share your email address?

If you do you will go in the draw to win one of 10 packs 4 Little Difference Greeting Cards that also plant 4 trees! You will also be first to hear when our crowdfunding campaign goes live & be first in on the limited rewards!