Have you observed flooding on your property or elsewhere in the City of Lincoln? Has flooding caused damage to your home or other property? If so, here is an opportunity to let the City know about your drainage issues.

Historically, the City has pursued bond issues from taxpayers to fund public stormwater projects. As recently as 2012, taxpayers in Lincoln approved such a stormwater bond. The City uses these funds to complete numerous public projects related to flood control, storm drain system upgrades, water quality and stream rehabilitation. As a resident, you may be aware of drainage problems in your area or other areas of the City. Your assistance to identify drainage problems will aid the City in prioritizing future drainage projects.

The 2013-2014 Urban Drainage Preliminary Engineering Study is currently being completed. This project involves the analysis of various storm drainage networks across the City to identify deficiencies, drainage and flooding problems. Information collected from this survey will help the City identify and prioritize future stormwater drainage improvements.

Please take time to complete this brief survey. Any information you are able to provide will be useful.

Thank You.

City of Lincoln
Public Works/Utilities Department
Watershed Management

* 1. Where have you observed flooding in your area? Please provide your name and the approximate location of flooding observed (e.g., 555 S 10th St -OR- 34th & X St):

* 2. Approximately how many years have you lived in this area?

* 3. How bad were the stormwater drainage or flooding problems observed at this address?

* 4. Which of the following stormwater drainage or flooding concerns have you observed at or near this address? How often?

  Never Rarely (less than once a year) Occasionally (once a year) Frequently (several times a year)
Flooding of residence or business
Water ponding in roadway or street impeding vehicular traffic
Stormwater flowing out of manhole(s)
Culverts or inlets obstructed by debris
Other stormwater or nuisance flooding concerns not listed above

* 5. Do you have documentation of stormwater drainage problems, flooding problems, or property damage (e.g., photos, insurance claims, damage assessments, etc.)?

* 6. If you answered "Yes" to Question 5, are you willing to share this information with the City?

* 7. Please provide any additional information that may be useful regarding stormwater drainage or flooding concerns in your area (e.g., details on flooding depth or extent, dates of occurrence, damages, other concerns, etc.).