Limmud Winnipeg 2018

* 1.
Now that the 8th annual Limmud is over, we hope you are still enjoying the memories. Please take a few minutes to help us plan for next year. Your suggestions and ideas are valuable.
Do you feel you have grown after this Limmud experience? Did it impact you?

* 2. What brought you to Limmud 2018?

* 3. Are there any sessions that stand out for you?

* 4. What topics would you like to see more of?

* 5. Did you attend a community Shabbat dinner on the Friday before Limmud?

* 6. How was the food at Limmud (reception, snacks, lunch)?

* 7. Would you like to recommend a friend that we should send the e-vites to next year? List their name and email address below.

* 8. Please rate the variety of presentations.

* 9. Limmud is run by volunteers. Please join the Team.

* 10. Here is my contact information for volunteering.

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