* 1. What are some of the attitudes that bring about stigma?

* 2. Stigma against illnesses is not new; which illnesses listed below have been stigmatized in the past?

* 3. How does stigma affect people living with dementia?

* 4. The fact that dementia and Alzheimer’s is just normal aging is……

* 5. Once a person is diagnosed with dementia, what should they do?

* 6. Prescribed Disengagement is:

* 7. What do we mean by the medical model for dementia care?

* 8. What do we mean by the social model for dementia care?

* 9. The disability model for dementia care …..

* 10. Caregiver practices that can ensure ongoing quality of life for both the caregiver and the person living with dementia include:

* 11. What is your name?

* 14. How did you find out about this webinar?

* 15. Rate how helpful you found this webinar on a scale of 0-5, with 0 meaning "Not helpful" to 5 meaning "Very helpful".

* 16. Would you be interested in viewing more webinars of this type?

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