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General Customer Service Standards
Licensing and Administration
Service Standard 1 - Process allocation trade applications within five business days
Target is currently set at 90%. We are exceeding that target and processing 99% of applications within five business days.

An allocation trade transfers a volume of water allocation from a seller to a buyer for that current irrigation season. Allocation trades are only applicable to 'unbundled' water entitlements - those allocations that are not connected to a land title.
Service Standard 2 - Process water share applications within 10 business days
Target is currently set at 95%. We are processing only 81% of applications within 10 business days.

A water share trade transfers water ownership, a change of location, or both.
Service Standard 3 - Process change of ownership applications within 10 business days
Target is currently set at 90%. We are processing only 66% of applications within 10 business days.

A change of land ownership occurs when a water share transfer is recorded in the Victorian Water Register.

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* 2. If these service standards are not meaningful to you, are there other service standards that would reflect your expectations of GMW better?

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* 3. Is there anything else about our processing of applications that could help deliver you a great customer experience?

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