1. GateWay Library iTour Survey

Welcome to our iTour survey! Glad that you have made it here. Hope you can give us some feedback by taking this brief survey. Your responses will be very valuable to help us to better assit you!

Thanks very much!

Library Faculty and Staff

* 1. Your full name:

* 2. Today's date?

* 3. What course is this iTour assignment for?

* 4. Why are you taking this iTour?

* 5. How do you rank the following features of the library iTour?

  Excellent Good Average Needs improvement
Sound quality
Clarity of sentences
Ease of understanding terminology (words)
Pacing (speed)

* 6. Which areas of the library did you visit during the iTour?

* 7. How easy or difficult was it to follow the audio file and complete the worksheet?

* 8. Did you have trouble using the MP3 Player?

* 9. How likely will you come back to use the library again?

* 10. Please provide any additional comments on your library iTour experience: