1. 2015 - 2016 Library Media Inventory Survey - Due June 10, 2016

Dear Library Media Specialist,

This is your annual Library Inventory Survey form for the 2015-16 school year. Please complete this form online and return a hard copy by June 10, 2016 to  Library Media Services, Route E.

Please print report before you submit and return the hard copy along with the principal's signature and date including the following attachments: Barcode Range Form, Library Snapshot, your Collection Summary Report and a one page summary report for each of the Satisfaction Surveys you did. You should have two, one for students and one for staff. Do no send in all of your surveys just a summary.

Barcode Range Report - Please make adjustments or additions to the form on file in your office from last year. A new one can be found on the Library Media Services Web page.

Library Snapshot Report - In Destiny follow this path - Circulation>Library Info>Statistics.

Collection Statistic Summary - In Destiny Library Manager follow this path- Reports>Library>Statistics>Collection Statistics>Summary.

* 1. School Information - Complete the following questions for 2015-2016

* 2. Budget - Please enter the total amount you spent for items bought for your library media center. (Please round up to the nearest dollar, no punctuation or cents can go in these answers it should look like this 295). Please do not include LMM, Magazines/newspapers, Destiny or MARC Magician support, AR/STAR licenses, or On-Line Services, these are all covered by the district.

* 3. Combined Number of Lost, Weeded/deleted or Unaccounted for items; add up all of the numbers from the following reports: Reports - Library Reports – Title & Copy List, - Show Titles; do the drop down arrow to With “Lost” Copies select this, run the report and the total will be on the bottom of the report. For Weeded - Library Reports - Weeding Log; enter the dates for this school year and run report. The total will be at the bottom. For Unaccounted For, Back Office – Inventory- click on the blue link that shows the %complete; write down the number for Unaccounted For before you click Finalize to end the inventory for this year.

* 4. What is the collection age in number of years; example 16 (Go to Reports-Library Reports-Statistics-Collection Statistics. This takes a while to pop up on your screen, this report does not go to the back office - job manager. Click on Age tab on the top right-scroll to bottom of page to get average age. DO NOT ENTER the year such as 1999 instead put in how many years which in this case would be 16, no other text .

* 5. Average number of books read per student? (Go to Reports-Patron-Patron Summary. Take the total number of books read by students for the year then divide that by the number of students at your school.) Use FTE count not the one from Destiny. Make sure to deduct the books/items students do not check out such as equipment, professional and all other items in this category.
Average number of books in collection per student? (Divide the number of students into the number of books used by students. This means you would not include professional, equipment and any other items not used directly by the students.) Use FTE count not the one from Destiny.

* 6. Enter how many days the library was closed during school hours for the whole school year. If you were closed for part of a day or more add this time up together to total days. Round up or down as needed to make full days. Only enter a number such as 20, no decimals or fractions and no text.

* 7. Program Survey - Please answer all questions with either a Yes or No

  Yes No
SSYRA Book Promotion
SSYRA Book Festival
SSYRA Book Voting
FRA Book Voting
Reading Comes Alive
Read Across America
Accelerated Reader Activities
Family Reading Night
Black History Month
Hispanic Heritage
Women History
National Library Week
School Library Media Month
Promotion of Award Books such as Caldecott, Newberry, Coretta Scott King, PuraBelpre, etc.
Promote library program through newsletters, ITV, building marquee, etc.
Teen Tech Week
Florida Teen Reads
Teen Read Week
Poetry Month

* 8. Curriculum Survey - Please answer all questions with a Yes or No

  Yes No
Attend Curriculum Meetings
Member of School Improvement Committee
School-wide Reading Program
Technology Training for Parents/Students
Literature Appreciation Taught
Collaborative planning sessions held with teachers
Meet with administrators to discuss library programs
Use data to plan activities (such as AR/STAR, FSA,etc.)
Share library research with faculty
Use research studies to prepare lessons

* 9. Which type of workshops did you conduct for the Online Subscription Services provided by Polk County Schools? In the textbox provided use the following codes to indicate all that apply followed by a / between each: S=Student P=Parent T=Teacher O=Other
example: S/T/P/O

* 10. Other Assigned Duties Survey - Please answer all questions with a Yes or No

  Yes No
Textbook Manager
Assigned Reading Class
Other non-library class
Instructional Television Manager
Bus Duty
Lunch Duty
Substitute Teacher

* 11. Open Library Survey - Please answer all questions with a Yes or No

  Yes No
Open before school
Open during lunch
Open after school

* 12. Every school is to take a random SATISFACTION SURVEY from your students and staff, what was your overall rating? Please select the number that matches your rating.
4=Excellent; 3=Good; 2=Satisfactory; and 1=Poor. Do not enter any other text.

  1 2 3 4

* 13. You have completed the on line survey. Please print before clicking on the  "Done" tab so the document can be signed and sent into Library Media Services along with the other required documents listed at the beginning of this survey. Make a copy of the signed document for your records. If the survey does not vanish and you don't see the "Thank You" statement, please scroll back up and make needed corrections. Your inventory will not be considered complete until it has been received on line and all required documents received by Jacqueline Rose at Library Media Services by June 10, 2016

  Yes No
Yes I have printed a copy and completed all required documents.
I have checked in Destiny to make sure that I have clicked on the Finalize tab in inventory mode.
Make sure that you have printed a copy and all required signatures are done before sending into Library Media Services.
This verifies that I have reviewed the 2015-16 Library Media Inventory Survey and all required items attached.

Principal's signature

Library Media Specialist's signature