* 1. What is your student ID number?

* 3. What is your course number? (e.g. 1A for English 1A)

* 4. What is the name of your instructor?

* 5. Have you completed any Library Research Skills workshops? If so, check all apply.

* 6. Match the resource to the search tool used to retrieve it.

  Subscription/Periodical Database Online Catalog Search Engine I Don't Know
Book on ice carving
Peer-reviewed article on solar energy innovations
Current census information for zip code 94110

* 7. Imagine that you are writing a research paper about the fall of the Roman empire. Your teacher recommends that you start with general works that provide a broad overview of the topic before looking at those that provide more specific details. In which order would you consult the sources below?

* 8. Which statement is NOT true?

* 9. A keyword search on a database has retrieved 10,000 articles. Which search strategy might work best to LIMIT your search to the most relevant articles?

* 10. When asked to perform a search on an Internet search engine or subscription database, which of the following searches would NARROW the results the most?

* 11. Using quotation marks around words in a search will:

* 12. When searching an online catalog for materials found in a library, what is the BEST search option to use to retrieve the type of information.

  Subject Search Keyword Search Author Search I Don't Know
Books by Stephen King
Books about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
A CD with the Beatles song Yesterday
A book about the internet and politics in Iran

* 13. Subscription periodical databases

* 14. Web sites found through a search engine (Google):

* 15. If a website looks professional and has an author,

* 16. In which instances do you give credit by citing the source? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)