Consultant Sign Up Form for Game Testing

Help Us Test Our Latest Games!
The Learning Games Lab is hosting two half-day user-testing sessions on current Math Snacks early algebra games in development. We are looking for 5th grade consultants to play our games and give us feedback on their experience. The first session will occur during LCPS spring break (March 23) and the other during spring holiday (April 2).
Please complete this short form if you are interested in participating.

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* 8. Available Date(s) for Testing

Note: Consultants will only be chosen to participate in one testing session.

* 9. Does the consultant have previous experience at the Learning Games Lab?

* 10. If the consultant has previous experience at the Learning Games Lab, please explain. Otherwise, type N/A in the comment box.

Thanks for your interest in our upcoming game testing session. If you have any additional questions, please contact Amanda Armstrong, Learning Games Lab Coordinator, at 575-646-1076 or