More than 65% of the "waste" sent to landfill is not garbage


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We can do better!

During the 2012 regional public consultation on the draft Solid Waste Management Plan, those who provided comments supported a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill. (Find the Plan and more info here.)

A number of Fraser Valley residents and business operators are sorting recyclables, kitchen scraps and yard waste (also called "compostables" or "organics"). To encourage more sorting across the region, the Fraser Valley Regional District (representing 6 municipalities and 8 electoral areas) is proposing new be regional sorting requirements for recyclables + organics.

Fear not! Existing programs and services for the sorting and recovery of recyclables + organics would not be affected by the proposed regional requirements but changes could be expected where there is no sorting activity. The phased-in implementation of the proposed regional requirements would begin in 2018.

Please use this 2-minute survey to provide your input on the implementation of the proposed regional sorting requirements.

Even if you already sort your recyclables + organics, we hope to receive your input. All comments received as part of this consultation will be documented in public reports.
Note: The survey is designed for residents, business owners and building operators.
If you wish to participate as a waste management service provider (hauler, composter, recycler), community leader or spokesperson for an association or professional group serving a membership in the Fraser Valley, please contact us through our information page.
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