1. Introduction

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This short (10-20 minute) survey is part of a research study by Dr. Julie Whitlow and Dr. Patricia Ould, professors at Salem State University. We are studying the impact of legalized same-sex marriage on social norms by examining the terms same-sex couples use to refer teach other over the course of their relationships.

If you are a woman legally married to someone of the same sex, then you qualify to take the survey. All respondents will remain anonymous. Each person should complete her own survey. If you are a couple, please do not complete the surveys together or at the same time.

If you have any questions or would like to know what the results are, please contact either Dr. Julie Whitlow at cwhitlow@salemstate.edu or Dr. Patricia Ould at pould@salemstate.edu.

Thank you for participating.

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* 1. Are you legally married to someone of the same sex?

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* 2. If you are married, in which state did the marriage occur?

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* 3. Do you currently live in Massachusetts?