Legislative Ambassador Registration Form

To ensure that our legislators and candidates are aware that Space Coast Credit Union members are an important part of their constituency, we are coordinating groups of SCCU members who can volunteer to participate in campaign activities that support the candidates who support credit unions.

If you are interested in becoming a Legislative Ambassador, please complete and submit the form below and you will receive information about requests for volunteer support from these candidates.

Legislative Ambassador Qualifications:
• Must be a current SCCU member
• Must be 18 years of age or older
• Must submit a completed volunteer information form
• Must provide a current email address

What to Expect:
• Occasionally, SCCU will hold informational meetings to discuss the program with volunteers.
• SCCU will send notifications via email regarding requests for volunteer support, current legislative concerns, information on candidates, and other legislative communications.
• Requests for support will also be posted on the "Current Activities/Events" page found in the Legislative Action section of SCCU.com
• Any participation is entirely voluntary and of your choosing. SCCU does not compensate for any time spent on activities. In connection with your participation, SCCU does not assume any responsibility or liability arising by virtue of your participation.

Thank you!

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* I would like to volunteer for pro-credit union candidates associated with the following political party:

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(The following information can be found on your Florida Voter. I.D. card.)