Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2)

Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group (LECCG) is committed to delivering the Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2). The CCG is an NHS organisation that brings together local GPs and health professionals to plan, buy and monitor the quality of health services provided locally. CCGs have a responsibility to secure the best health outcomes for their whole population within their available budget 

Lincolnshire East CCG is responsible for commissioning – or buying – high quality healthcare for our patient population including elective care, emergency care, maternity services, community and mental health services.  We also buy the majority of GP services for our 244,907 patients registered across our GP practices.

The CCG is made up of three localities - Boston Area, East Lindsey, Skegness and Coast, all with very different challenges. These include areas of deprivation, people growing older and living longer.  We have higher numbers of obese people and people living with a variety of long term conditions including diabetes and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It is our job to understand the health needs of local people and to invest in services that will give you, our patients, better healthcare. 
EDS2 aims to deliver better outcomes for patients and communities and better working environments for staff, which are personal, fair and diverse. It is intended to help organisations achieve compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) and a number of other NHS standards.  It is aligned to NHS England’s commitment to an inclusive NHS that is fair and accessible to all. 

We would welcome your views on how you think we are doing by completing this short survey by the deadline of 31 January 2018. The information will be analysed and help us to identify the areas we need to focus on to make improvements. 

* 1. Are you:

Below are some explanations about the work of our CCG - please tell us to what extent you agree or disagree with each  statement

* 3. Lincolnshire East CCG is responsible for commissioning – or buying high quality healthcare for our patient population including elective care, emergency care, maternity services, community and mental health services as well as services for patients with learning disabilities. This must provide care for the majority of the population and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made about the provision of some services.

LECCG commissions and meets your health needs in appropriate and effective ways

* 4. As a CCG we are committed to ensure that you are kept informed at all stages of your healthcare pathway and will work with other health and care organisations to ensure you are informed of any changes to your care.

You are kept informed of transition from one health service to another making it smooth and easy

* 5. Lincolnshire East CCG is committed to providing the highest quality, safe care for all of our patients, carers and their families. As a CCG the quality and safety of care for our patients is extremely important to us.  We regularly meet with providers of hospital services, community services and mental health services together with colleagues and patient representatives to review this and continually monitor improvements.

LECCG ensure your safety is prioritised

* 6. Lincolnshire East CCG works with partner organisations including local councils, voluntary and community groups to promote healthy lifestyle information including eating well, moving more and drinking less. This information is also promoted to patients via Patient Participation Groups, Viewpoint panel and using local news, social media and the CCG website.

LECCG ensure any health promotion activity reaches and benefits all local communities

* 7. As a CCG we are committed to ensuring that we provide information in a wide range of formats including translations, for those with visual impairments, in easy read versions on request. We provide services in accessible buildings, with provision for patients with hearing and sight impairment if needed.

You can readily access local services, in terms of mobility, language etc.

* 8. We ensure that we support all of our patients and keep them informed of and involved in any decisions that are made about their health and care.  No decisions are made without the involvement of the patient, their family or carers. Patients with certain conditions will have Care Plans which are developed with their GP and other clinicians.

You are informed, supported and involved in the decisions made about your healthcare

* 9. We continually monitor any comments or complaints that are received by us.  This information allows us to continually monitor and improve the services that we supply to our patients. Our dedicated complaints team handle all of these personally and in confidence.

LECCG involve people and listen to their experiences of the NHS

* 10. As a CCG we would like to think that all of our patients have received the highest level of care that we are able to offer.  We would also like to think that if any of our patients have had cause to raise any concerns with us that we have dealt with them to the satisfaction of our patients.

The way in which complaints by LECCG are handled is respectful and efficient

* 11. Lincolnshire East CCG remains committed to ensure that all of our patients are treated well and free of any discrimination or abuse.

LECCG ensure that patients are treated well and free from any abuse

* 12. Lincolnshire East CCG is committed to providing services that meet the needs of the population as well as constantly improving the services we commission.  We strive to provide the highest quality services that are delivered locally and allow patients to access care closer to their home.

Services commissioned by LECCG meet the needs of local communities

* 13. If you would like to give the reasoning for any of your answers please provide comments below

About you - Under the provisions of the Equality Act 2010, all NHS organisations are required to demonstrate that their processes are fair, and that they are not discriminating or disadvantaging anyone because of their age, disability, gender reassignment status, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. Please help us to monitor how well we engage with the population we serve, by completing the monitoring section below.  Your answers will be kept strictly confidential in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and you will not be personally identifiable through your answers.

* 14. Which age group do you belong to?

* 15. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

* 16. Gender

* 17. If yes do you have a: (please tick all that apply)

* 18. Ethnicity

* 19. Do you now, or have you ever considered yourself to be transgender?

* 20. Religion or Beliefs

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey

* 21. Sexual Orientation

* 22. Pregnancy & Maternity

* 23. Have you utilised local maternity services in the last 18 months?

* 24. Carer Are you currently providing support and care to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who cannot manage without your help or/ and support?