Thank you for taking the time to offer us valuable feedback on our performance, your expectations, and areas for potential improvement or change. We are halfway through our current five-year strategic plan. Stakeholder feedback was originally sought as part of that plan development. We are seeking current feedback on our progress and overall service. Your feedback will be utilized to redirect and focus efforts. All responses will remain anonymous.

Please feel free to pass on our request for feedback to anyone else that could help us out.

* 1. Please prioritize the service categories offered by the Leawood Fire Department in order of importance to you using the numbers 1 – 9 with 1 being the most important, 9 being the least important. Note that the list is presented in alphabetical order, not by any ranking system.

The survey system will auto-populate all other choices in their listed order as you select each one. Just continue to change each service rank until all are prioritized to your satisfaction.

* 2. As in all organizations, there is always room for improvement. The Leawood Fire Department makes this a continous goal. However, if you feel there are any areas of service which require immediate or focused attention, select from the list below. (See the definitions after each service in Question 1 for clarification).

* 3. If you selected any of the above in Question 2, please elaborate:

* 4. Are there any other services that you would like to see the Leawood Fire Department offer to our community?

* 5. What are your expectations of the Leawood Fire Department?

* 6. Tell us about any areas of concern you have for or of the Leawood Fire Department:

* 7. Identify any positive aspects of the Leawood Fire Department:

* 8. One area of improvement identified in 2014 was the need to enhance communications and information flow with the public. Potential objectives included better advertising of offered services, the use of social media as an information platform, having a dedicated public information officer, and increased interaction with the community at events. Do you feel improvements have been made? Is the Leawood Fire Department meeting your expectations in this area?

* 9. Please share any other comments you may have about the Leawood Fire Department or its services: