First Step in our Hiring Process - Leasing Agent Questionnaire

Thank you for visiting our page and looking to fill in our application for our Leasing Agent positions.  This form will assist you in self-qualifying for this type of position with our company.  We feel this is a tremendous opportunity for a Licensed Texas Realtor to get a tremendous amount of leads, build their their sphere of influence all while being mentored by our experienced staff, and to learn about the Property Management industry from the inside.  This is unlike any other Independent Contractor Realtor position around! 

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Do you have an Active Texas Real Estate License?

* 3. If you have a current Real Estate License - what is your license number?

* 4. If you have a current Real Estate License - how many sales transactions have you closed in the last 24 months?

* 5. Have you ever worked with tenants to find rental homes before?

* 6. What about this position has attracted you the most?

* 7. Tell us about your history of living in San Antonio and any future plans with your living situation.

* 8. Feel free to include any details about yourself or this position you are most interested in.

* 9. How soon would you be looking to begin working with us?

* 10. When complete with this survey - ensure that you send us your resume via email to: 

Once you are complete with this questionnaire - hit the button below.  We will review your answers and be in touch with you soon!