Information on Learning Pods and what we're offering.

Crossroads Education wants to improve the eLearning experience for families by launching an in-person Learning Pod management program.

Learning Pods are made up of a few families that take turns having their children meet in one another's homes for the school day. A Learning Pod could also consist of just your family and children, but will cost more given the high demand for educator talent. We also encourage each family to make a social commitment to each other, and be conscious of health awareness and protocols in place during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Crossroads Education will be providing experienced educators to manage these Learning Pods for the 2020-2021 school year. Our educators will come to your homes, help keep your children on task during the school day, join online learning sessions with children as needed, and assist your children with their school work - giving parents (you!) significant hours of free time to manage their homes and continue to work without distractions. Our educators will also make a social commitment to being cautious of exposure, follow CDC guidelines and frequently get tested for the Coronavirus.

Importantly, parents will sign a legal waiver, and our staff  will follow CDC protocol for in home instruction. You and your children's' safety is our number one concern.

If you are interested in becoming part of a Learning Pod or bringing a professional into your home for the next school year, please fill out this interest form. Please note that this interest form will act as a wait list. We will be prioritizing families that already have the dynamics of their Learning Pod planned for themselves or with committed peers.