NHDES Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) is pleased to announce the opening of the grant application period for the 2017/2018 Community Water System Leak Detection Survey Grant. Application packages will be accepted through 4:00 pm on July 15, 2017. Community water systems in New Hampshire are encouraged to submit the electronic grant application for consideration to receive a free acoustic leak detection survey during the 2018 field season. Proactive leak detection and repair can reduce a water system’s pumping and treatment costs, provide an opportunity to better manage and prioritize system projects, and protect water supply quality and quantity.

Leaks may be found on water mains, service lines, hydrants, and valves. While some leaks are easy to identify, as they are visible, there are many leaks that go unseen – from smaller leaks to leaks in well-drained soils to those that find their way underground into a storm drain. Through a competitive bid process, a professional leak detection specialist will be retained by NHDES to identify these difficult-to-find leaks using mechanical and electronic listening equipment to detect leakage sounds and pinpoint leaks.
Application Process: (You may want to print this application out to work on it prior to entering information, as you cannot save and go back to an incomplete application.)
 By 4pm on July 15, 2017:
   1. Submit this online application; and
   2. Submit a copy of the as-built plan or record drawing for the distribution system, with the sections of the system proposed to be surveyed highlighted, and any sections of unknown pipe material type highlighted. Submit the plan by mail or email to:
Attn: Stacey Herbold
NH Department of Environmental Services
Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau
PO Box 95
Concord, NH 03302
(603) 271-6685

* 1. System Information

* 2. How many miles of pipe does the distribution system contain?

* 3. How many miles of pipe are proposed to be surveyed?

* 4. If the location of pipe is not known in sections of the system proposed to be surveyed, please provide the information below.  If the location of the pipe is known in all areas, enter zero.

* 6. What is the maximum number of days following discovery that leak repair will begin?

* 7. Optional: Please provide any information that may justify your water system as being a priority system for a leak detection survey, such as calculated water losses, a history of ongoing leak detection and repair, water shortages, or loss of pressure.

* 8. As stated in the Application Process section, a plan of the distribution system is required to be sent by mail or email with the area of the system to be surveyed highlighted and any areas where the pipe location to be surveyed is unknown highlighted.  Please choose which best describes the format of the plan available.

* 9. Please check off what is included in the plan.