We are pleased to announce that Digital Promise will select a new cohort of districts to join the League of Innovative Schools this fall. To apply to become a member of the League, please submit this application by 11:59 P.M. PT by April 2, 2018.  

As you are completing this application, here is the League of Innovative Schools' vision statement as a point of reference: Galvanize our networks to design, validate, champion, and scale effective, innovative learning opportunities to advance equity and excellence for every learner.

Please note that you are unable to save your work on this form; we recommend copying and pasting these questions into an external document to work on your responses and entering your information when you are ready to submit. We have created a Word version of the document here for you to save your responses. However, you will need to submit the application through this form. 

There will be three parts of the application process: 

Round 1: Applicants submit an application with artifacts to validate and supplement their written application.

Round 2: Selected applicants will be asked to submit a video and/or presentation providing a demonstration of the implementation of innovation in their districts. More information will be provided. 

Round 3: Finalists will participate in two interviews -- one with Digital Promise staff and one with a League Advisory Committee member. In addition, the Digital Promise staff will interview 1-2 of your district staff members.

The timeline for the League application process is as follows:

  • FEBRUARY 27: Round 1 application open
  • APRIL 2: Round 1 application due by 11:59 PM PT
  • LATE-APRIL: Round 1 finalists notified
  • MID-MAY: Round 2 application due by 11:59 PM PT
  • END OF MAY: Round 2 finalists notified
  • JUNE: Round 3 finalist interviews
  • JULY: Applicants notified of acceptance status
  • OCT 10-12, 2018: New members attend League of Innovative Schools Fall 2018 meeting. NOTE: Attending this meeting is required for acceptance; if you cannot attend this meeting, please wait until next year to apply.  

For more information on how your application will be assessed, please view this scoring rubric, which highlights criteria we are looking for in an innovative district. If you have additional questions, please refer to the application FAQs. If your question is not answered by the FAQs, please feel free to email league@digitalpromise.org

* 1. Superintendent Information

* 2. Superintendent Racial/Ethnic Background

* 3. Superintendent Gender

* 4. District Information

* 5. District Demographics

* 6. Is your district rural / suburban / urban?

* 7. What percentage of students have access to a school-provided device (1:1) across the district? NOTE: Please provide ONE numerical value without the percentage sign.

* 8. What percentage of your students have access to high-speed broadband in their classrooms every day? NOTE: Please provide ONE numerical value without the percentage sign.

* 9. Please select any of the following tags that accurately describe work taking place in your district:

For the following questions, please submit artifacts such as videos (2 minutes or less), pictures, presentations, community forum minutes, completed deliverables, tools, etc. where they may be applicable as a link. Please note that there is a 300 word limit for each response. 
Vision for innovation to advance equity and excellence

* 10. What is your vision for innovation in your district and what is one goal that you have executed related to your vision? (300 words max)

* 11. How were stakeholders involved in the development of your vision? (300 words max)

* 12. How do you and your team strive to ensure that historically underserved students (based on gender, socioeconomic status, race, ELL, IEP)  participate, benefit, and thrive under your vision of technology and innovation? What are specific challenges they face? Please provide specific examples. (300 words max)

* 13. How do you support innovative solutions that increase knowledge and skills for student success? (300 words max)

Evidence of successful and effective design, validation, and impact of practice

* 14. Please describe three initiatives that you consider effective and innovative in advancing equity and excellence for every student. Please submit artifacts such as photos, videos, etc. (through a link) to supplement your answers.  (100 words maximum per program or initiative)

* 15. How were these initiatives informed by evidence and/or research (conducted by teachers, community members, or academic researchers)? (300 words max)

* 16. How do you assess the impact of these initiatives, and what sort of student outcomes have you measured or plan to measure? (300 words max)

Demonstration of scalability and reach locally and nationally

* 17. How have you advocated for promising policies, initiatives, and models in education in your district, locally, nationally, and/or globally? (300 words max)

* 18. How have you shared or scaled practices and tools within your district, regionally, and nationally? What collaborations with others (other districts, researchers, external partners, etc.) have you engaged in? (300 words max)

* 19. What is a challenge in education that you would want to tackle with the League? (300 words max)

* 20. If selected to join the League, can you commit to the following:

  Yes No
Attend biannual League meetings to collaboratively problem-solve, build relationships with peers, and share and learn from district and school visits (next meeting is October 10-12 - REQUIRED)
Join and actively participate in Challenge Collaboratives, Cohorts, and/or other League initiatives focused on topics relevant to the challenges and changing needs of school districts
Publish a district innovation portfolio and contributing to stories that showcase the League’s work
Collaborate with peers, researchers and entrepreneurs to advance teaching and learning
Commit to fostering a culture of diversity, respect, safety, and inclusion
Pay an annual membership fee ($2,500)