Elected Positions

It's time to collect nominations for the PTSA Executive board for the 2019-20 school year. Please nominate someone that you know would be a great addition to the PTSA. We strongly encourage you to nominate yourself! This nomination window will close on January 18.

If you would like more information about duties and responsibilities for these roles, please contact the Nominating Committee at cchsptsateam@gmail.com.

The elected President-Elect is no longer able to act as President for the 2019-20 school year. We need nominations for the following:
  • President - oversees all functions of this PTSA, guides others in their roles, etc.
  • President-Elect - shadows the President and helps where needed, acts as PTA Awards Chair during President-Elect year
  • Secretary - keeps meeting agendas, minutes, calendars, forms, etc.
  • Treasurer - oversees PTA finances, manages reimbursements, forms, reports, etc.
  • Legislative VP - keeps our community informed of legislative issues, attends board meetings or other legislative events
  • Student Club VP - oversees and coordinates the activities of student members

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* 1. Nominate an individual for each or any of the positions listed below. Again, nominating yourself is highly encouraged!

A great PTA consists of a large team of volunteers in various roles. If you are interested in any of the areas listed below, even if you have nominated yourself for an elected position, share your name below. You may also suggest another person if you think they would enjoy being a part of this team.

Note: adding your name to one of these areas does not necessarily mean that you will be the chairperson of that area. You may indicate your interest here even if you simply want to help in a small way.

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* 2. Enter your or another person's name for any of the following roles.

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* 3. If you would like to add a comment, please do so here.

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* 4. If nominating yourself, please tell us which grades your children will be in during the 2019-20 school year.

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* 5. Please share your contact information.