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This is a tool that we use to check if we are compatible and can work well together.

For most applicants: After you pass this check, you will be hired for the Upwork* job relevant to the role you are applying for. You will get paid (on Upwork) fixed prices to complete tutorials and pass a number of exams to train to become a freelancer (on Upwork) for Yes, we pay you to learn (or at least show off what you already know)! The roles we are interviewing for right now are: ENGINEER. Once you pass this check, you don't need any prior knowledge or experience -- we will train you. Once you pass all the exams, you will officially become part of our network of freelancers and we will convert your job to an hourly job. For engineers outside the USA, the average going rate for the freelancing positions we hire for is $14/hr (USD). For USA-based engineers, you can ask us how to set your own hourly rate. All payments will be done through Upwork.

For applicants from well known institutions. If you are already from:
- a top 20 Computer Science university in the USA
- an IIT / BITS in India
- or a top 20 Computer Science university in the World (International Rankings)
- any school / organization on this list:
Then, you can petition to skip this form, the training milestones, and you can just send your resumé to us ( to become part of our talent network. We will reply to that email with a link where you can mark the skills you know.

1. number of hours for work: The number of hours would generally be a conversation between you and the client you are matched with. We have seen anything from 7 to 40.
2. payment: US-based engineers, can set their own hourly rate (note that Upwork takes a cut so mark up your rate beforehand). Engineers outside the US will be paid around 14/hr on Upwork.
3. what skills do you get projects for: We get projects in all the skills mentioned on => "select skills".
4. how should I set my hourly rate (US-only): I would recommend looking at your hourly rate at your past companies and marking up based on experience accordingly. By default we mark US-based engineers as 80/hr on Upwork and non-US based engineers as 14/hr on Upwork.
5. my upwork account is not active: In the case that your old Upwork is not active, we will simply invite you as an external freelancer to our Upwork team using your email. We will use "upwork BYOF" -- google it! But for now, just put your existing upwork profile URL into this form. Please create an account if you don't have one.  
6. when will I be invited to slack: You will be invited to our slack after the codility milestone.
7. can I do this form later: Yup that's fine. It takes time to find a client match, so I'd recommend getting into the network as soon as possible.
8. what kind of work will I get: All your skills will be recorded in our database and our matching algorithm will send you clients who have a good match with your skillset.

If applicable, please go through this form as quickly as possible without compromising quality.
*The Reason we hire on Upwork and how to get an Upwork ac

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* 1. What is your profile link?
If you don't have a profile on, then please create one. We will pay attention to the samples of your work listed. Your upwork profile link must list your primary school, secondary school, and all your college(s). Example:

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* 2. What is your Gmail?
This must be either a email address or an email hosted on google mail servers.

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* 3. Provide another email.
If you don't use the gmail provided as your primary email, you should provide the email you do use as your primary email in this step. If you do use the gmail provided already as your primary email, just provide us another email address of yours.

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* 4. What's your name?