1. Client Information

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* 1. What's your name?

* 2. What is your Gmail?
This must be either a gmail.com email address or an email hosted on google mail servers. You will use this email throughout the process of working with us. You will be sent a feedback email within a few days of submission -- check spam if you don't receive it. Only one gmail per project please -- meaning if you start another project, use a different gmail for the other project.

* 3. Provide another email.
If you don't use the gmail provided as your primary email, you should provide the email you do use as your primary email in this step. If you do use the gmail provided already as your primary email, just provide us another email address of yours. 

* 4. Provide your LinkedIn profile link if you have one.
Heads up, a Learning Dollars Inc. reviewer will add you as a connection. Example: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gobi-dasu-21518947

* 5. What's your mobile phone number?
Please include country code. No spaces, no parentheses. For example +14081234567. You will be sent a confirmation text.