Summary and Background


Thank you for participating in our survey about signs and commercial corridors! Your responses are strictly confidential. Your input will assist Lincoln Charter Township to improve sign standards and to enhance the look and feel of our roadways. The survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. 

This effort is inspired by public input and implementation strategies outlined in the 2006 Sub Area Plan and 2013 Master/Corridor Plan as well as 2008 amendments to the Zoning Ordinance. 

The 2006 Sub Area Plan process included focus groups which produced the following input:

-"Attractive streetscapes should exist along Red Arrow Corridor."
-"Low profile signage preferred."
-"We don't want pole signs, only ground signs."
-"No more electronic message board signs."
-"Participants do not want to cause an undue burden to existing business owners."
-"No more internally lit materials."

The 2013 Master Plan/Corridor Plan included an aesthetics focus group which produced the following input:

-"Enhance aesthetics."
-"Signage is first impression."
-"Signage should be smaller, lower, more unique."
-"Sign lighting should be downward facing."
-"Electronic message boards are distracting."

The 2008 Zoning Ordinance Amendments included the following changes:

-New pole signs prohibited
-Standards introduced for electronic message board signs
-Reduced sign area
-Reduced sign height

The following pages will include questions regarding our progress as well as visual preference questions related to corridor appearance and signage styles. 

Thank you!