To Help Us Discern Where God's Spirit is Moving

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus! The sheltering brought on by COVID has disrupted our lives in ways we’re still trying to understand. Yet we believe the Spirit is moving with power, opening new opportunities to minister to others and grow God’s kingdom.

To get a clearer view of those opportunities for LCPC, we, the church’s leadership team, need to hear from you. We’re asking everyone high school age or older to take part in this brief survey.

We sent out a different survey (part 1) last week dealing with worship and giving. We hope you will complete this survey even if you didn’t participate in the first one! You don’t have to be an ‘every Sunday’ attender. Even if your engagement at LCPC recently has been limited to a fellowship event, camp or mission trip your responses matter to us. (Note: You can skip a question if you don’t have an opinion or you’re uncomfortable sharing information.)

We want to be clear: this is not a referendum and we’re not “conducting a vote.” We’re collecting information about the opinions, values and personal preferences of LCPC family members so we can be as effective as possible in serving and representing you.

Please complete and submit this survey ASAP and no later than Wednesday, June 27, 2020. Thanks for helping us discern the Lord’s will for the year ahead!

Andy Wilson
Senior Pastor, LCPC


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