* 1. Do you have a computer(s) at home?

* 2. How many hours per day do members of your household spend on‐line?

* 3. How many household members, including you, fall into the following categories:

* 4. What is the household income level:

* 5. . Do you presently have Internet service?

* 6. Does anyone in your household work from home, or remotely connect to their work office?

* 7. Who is your Internet service provider?

* 8. What’s your download speed?

* 9. Are you satisfied with the SPEED of your current Internet access service?

* 10. What are your monthly charges for only Internet services?

* 11. Who is your TV service provider?

* 12. What are your total monthly charges for TV services?

* 13. Who is your home telephone service provider?

* 14. What are your total monthly charges for home telephone services?

* 15. Are you satisfied with your service provider(s)?

* 16. If not satisfied, why not?

* 17. Are you interested in switching from your service provider?

* 18. Are there things you would like to do or have that your present service provider can’t provide; or allow you to do?

* 19. Initially, we only plan to provide high-speed Internet services. Our monthly rates start at $79; for up to 200 Megabits; and can go up to 1 Gigabits in some locations; with no contract or data caps. There will also be a one-time installation fee of $175.00.  How likely are you to use our services?

* 20. Are you interested in any of the following broadband/technology services?

* 21. Would you be willing to pay a service pre-subscription fee of $150, which would be applied to your bill to move your neighborhood/home up on our build-out schedule?

* 22. Please provide any additional information or comments, concerning your interest in High-Speed Internet access, Voice, TV and/or other broadband services.

* 23. Please provide the following information to allow us to specifically target underserved and unserved locations.  Your information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.  Providing your e-mail address will also allow us to keep you abreast of our efforts.