The Minister for Education, Training and Skills is offering five scholarships to language teachers in South Australia for language immersion experiences within Australia or overseas. Scholarships are available in the following categories:
·         One scholarship for a teacher in a Catholic Education School
·         One scholarship for a teacher in a Department for Education School
·         One scholarship for a teacher in an Independent School
·         One to an early career educator from Department for Education School who is in their first 5 years of teaching (including contract, TRT and ongoing appointments)
·         One to an early career educator from a Non-Government School (Catholic or Independent) who is in their first 5 years of teaching (including contract, TRT and ongoing appointments).
Each scholarship is worth $8000.
The immersion scholarship program for language teachers aims to improve language skills, proficiency, and intercultural understanding.
This scholarship program provides selected language teachers the opportunity to undertake one of two types of in-country study programs:
•             personal in-country immersion
•             immersion program within Australia
Teachers may propose their own immersion program focused on improving their language skills and proficiency, and intercultural understanding. Applicants are required to establish a detailed itinerary and budget plan to support their proposed personal in-country immersion program.
Immersion scholarships are only available for languages that have a curriculum or framework in the Australian Curriculum. Depending on applicants, the scholarship program will aim to cover a range of languages in each cycle, including Asian, European and Australian languages.
Before proceeding with this application, please ensure you have:
  • Read the Information for Applicants https://educators-sa.sa.edu.au/immersion-scholarships/ 
  • Responses for the Key Selection Criteria, including supporting documentation
  • A signed referee (line manager or principal) statement. This statement must include your effectiveness as a teacher of languages, your strengths, your areas for growth, support for your application and participation in the scholarship program, confirmation of your current role at the school or other work location, and a date and signature.

Please note: Before proceeding with this online application, we encourage you to use the Application Worksheet https://educators-sa.sa.edu.au/immersion-scholarships/  to prepare your responses before uploading them to the online application. You may also like to keep this offline document as a personal copy of your application.

Partially completed applications can be finalised using the same device and web-browser on which they were started. When exiting a partially completed application, please ensure you click 'next' at the bottom of the page you have been working on before exiting.

Applications close on Friday 30th September 2022 at 5:00pm.
17% of survey complete.