* 1. Please provide us with your information. Name, Occupation, and Affiliation (optional):

* 2. How did you find out about this survey?:

* 3. On a scale (Easiest to Hardest) how do you find the following on the main page?:

  Very Easy Easy Somewhat difficult Difficult Did not work
Playing the main video?
Understanding the function of the yellow icons above the video timeline?
Understanding the "Subject" and "Type" tabs?
Adjusting the volume?

* 4. On a scale (Easiest to Hardest) how was your experience accessing additional content (i.e. videos, articles, weblinks, and maps)?:

  Very Easy Easy Somewhat Difficult Difficult Did Not Work
Watching additional video?
Navigating to other additional content?
Navigating between additional content and back to the main video?
Understanding the function of the Google map?

* 5. What are your reactions to the following about using the web video player?

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Do not have an opinion
I received enough information about how to use the web video player.
I was motivated to browse additional content.
I became frustrated trying to use the player.
I would revisit this site again.
I would like to contribute to the web player's content.

* 6. What web browser and version are you using (i.e. Firefox 11.0)?

* 7. What do you think of the design of the main page? Was it user friendly? Please Explain:

* 8. What do you like best about the web video player?

* 9. What is your least favorite part about the web video player?

* 10. How do you see the web video player being used? (click as many as you feel applicable):

* 11. Who do you think would most likely use this web player? (click as many as you feel applicable):

* 12. We are approaching partners in "sister cities" to provide and curate additional content. What other cities or partners do you think would be interested in participating with the web player?

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