This survey will help to gather information about Lámh use in schools.  We hope to use this information as part of a bigger project on supporting Lámh use in schools.  We are looking at training, information and resources that will help Lámh users at school. 
Please note, your responses are anonymous and may be used for research purposes.

* 1. Are you:

* 2. What age is the Lámh user you are signing with?

* 3. If you are a staff member, please let us know what your role is:

* 4. Is the Lámh user you are supporting attending:

* 5. Is Lámh used in the classroom?

* 6. Is Lámh used around the school?

* 7. Have the staff at the school accessed Lámh training, and if so, how?

* 8. What do you think would help the Lámh user most at school?

* 9. If Lámh is in use at school and is working well, what do you think is supporting this?

* 10. Are classmates using Lamh signs?

* 11. Are any Lámh Resources used at the school?

* 12. Any other comments?

* 13. If you are interested in being contacted again about Lámh in Schools, please leave your email here