1. Introduction and About You

Thank you for providing your thoughts on agriculture in Lake Country. Your input is valuable and will be used to inform the Agriculture Plan Update.  Your responses will be kept confidential and results will only be published in aggregate, without identifying respondents.
The District of Lake Country is updating the 2008 Community Agriculture Plan.  The updating process will involve setting out a vision for the future of agriculture and identifying goals and specific actions that the District can take to create an environment where agriculture operations can be successful for generations to come. Through engagement, such as this survey, the District of Lake Country will be able to identify challenges and potential opportunities to strategize and leverage initiatives to better support agriculture. The Agriculture Plan update got underway in October 2019 and is expected to be completed in mid-2020. For more information on this project and to access the 2008 plan please visit: https://www.lakecountry.bc.ca/en/living-in-our-community/agriculture.aspx
Note: The term ‘agriculture operation’ is used throughout the survey. It is purposely general and meant to include all forms and scales of producing food, beverages, fibre, and fuel.
There are six sections to this survey:
Section 1: Introduction and About You
Section 2: About Your Agriculture Operation
Section 3: Water and Agriculture
Section 4: Agriculture Economics
Section 5: Challenges You Face and Opportunities You See
Section 6: Your Vision for Agriculture in the District of Lake Country
We recommend that you set-aside 30-45 minutes to complete the survey.

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