1. Survey Purpose & Flooded Property Information

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We are asking Louisiana homeowners and renters directly impacted by the 2016 flooding to participate in this Louisiana 2016 Flood Impact Survey so that we can collect and share vital data regarding the flood recovery resources made available to you, as well as, your ongoing recovery needs and suggestions.

This data will be shared with local, state and federal lawmakers and decision makers to aid them in developing the plan for allocating flood recovery funds and prioritization of flood mitigation projects.

Your name is not required in order to participate in this survey. Required questions are indicated by asterisk (*).

This survey is being conducted entirely by private donations and not at any taxpayer expense. There is no corporate intent by GMFS, LLC (aka "GMFS Mortgage") for financial, competitive or marketing gain from any data collected from this survey.

Participation in this survey does NOT serve as a means to create an individual claim, appeal or notice specific to your situation nor does it guarantee follow-up communications from GMFS, LLC, local, state or federal lawmakers or decision makers.

* 1. Which 2016 Louisiana flood event(s) effected your home?

* 3. Flooded Property Address

* 4. Regardless of your home's specific elevation, is the immediate area where your home is located, typically categorized by FEMA as an area within a flood hazard zone? (e.g. street or neighborhood is classified as Zone A , Zone V, etc.)

* 5. How many INCHES of water did you have in your home? (e.g. "13.5")

* 6. Has your home ever flooded prior to 2016?

* 7. Has demolition work been completed on your home? (e.g. removing wet floor materials, sheet rock, furniture, etc.)?

* 8. How many days do you estimate before your flooded home will become livable again?

* 9. Do you have immediate family residing at a different address that also flooded in this event (e.g. parent, sibling, grand parent, etc.)?

* 10. What dollar amount, if any, have you paid out-of-pocket so far to replace your contents such as clothes and furniture? (round to nearest hundred dollars e.g. "3200")

FYI: Sales tax refunds available for personal property destroyed in floods (complete Louisiana Department of Revenue Form R-1362)

* 11. If needed, can we contact you for clarification or follow-up regarding your participation or answers in this survey?

* 12. Contact Information for Clarification or Follow-Up (please complete If answered "Yes" to previous question).

* 13. How can the disaster recovery experience be improved by state of Louisiana or local municipality authorities?

* 14. Do you have any flood prevention recommendations?