1. You and Your Baby

When you lose a baby you suddenly discover you are a part of this secret club. Most people do not talk about their experiences until another mother has lost her baby. However, the fact that most women will lactate after losing a baby, even early in pregnancy, is the even bigger secret. With your help, we can get it out in the open so other grieving mothers are not taken by surprise and can get the lactation support they need.

All information will be used in efforts to provide better lactation education and support to mothers when they experience a loss, and will be kept confidential unless you indicate you would like to share your story.

Please feel free to skip any questions that are too difficult or you do not know the answer to. If you have experienced more than one loss, you are welcome to complete the survey for each loss or just once if your experiences were similar.

Thank you so much for your input.

1. Contact information is optional, but may be useful for future surveys.

2. When did you lose your baby?

3. Please tell us about your experience: