Project Description

The New Kensington mural is nearly complete. Artist, Bernie Wilke, in collaboration with University of Pittsburgh Criminal Justice Professor and Director of the Community Arts & Reintegration Project, Tim Holler, as well as Westmoreland Community Action, and numerous community volunteers, has been painting this large mural on the Fourth Avenue side of the former Walt's Deli building.

The mural interconnects New Ken's past and present. The images in this mural are of New Ken's industrial heritage (a giant aluminum roll and a steel beam structure) interweave with a diverse array of people from both past and present day New Kensington. The aluminum roll turns into a river that winds its way through all 3 stories of the wall, symbolically connecting the whole mural together. The letters 'New Ken' are filled with logos of local non profits and agencies actively involved in making New Kensington a thriving community.

We need your help giving the mural in New Kensington a Title. If your title is chosen your name could be listed in the mural credits.

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