How do you listen to KPFA (and/or KPFB)?

Please list all the ways you listen, even if only occasionally. Thanks!

* 1. How do you listen? Please Mark all that apply:

* 2. What programs do you listen to on KPFA ?

* 3. What topics or resources do you want to hear about on KPFA?

* 4. How can KPFA better support the social movements, culture and activism you care about?

* 5. What suggestions do you have about KPFA’s public affairs and news programs?

* 6. What suggestions do you have about KPFA’s cultural and music programs?

* 7. Please list contact information for individuals and organizations you would like the KPFA Community Advisory Board (CAB) and staff to connect with:

* 8. Please indicate your city and state (or country if outside the U.S.)