Greetings! This little questionnaire is designed to help Konsole get to know our prospective new students better! One of the things Konsole prides itself in is our ability to successfully group like-minded students of similar levels of expertise. We truly think that makes for the very best learning experience. So please tell us a bit about yourself and your musical background, the kinds of music you hope to make, and anything in particular that will help us tailor your Konsole experience to your exact hopes and creative expectations.

* 1. Please fill in the following:

* 2. Which Konsole workshop(s) are you most interesting in taking?

* 3. For the Konsole workshops that you are interested in taking, what best describes your level of expertise?

* 4. What best describes your musical background?

* 5. What genre(s) of music are you most interested in producing?

* 6. It would be very helpful if you could provide some SoundCloud or YouTube links to the kinds of music and/or production techniques you'd like to learn. Feel free to use this space to tell us exactly what it is you like about these tracks, and what it is about them that you'd like to learn at Konsole!

* 7. Please let us know if you have any background in music theory or piano?

* 8. What Digital Audio Workstation (DAWs) do you currently use?

* 9. Are you on a PC or a Mac?

* 10. Please let us know about your hardware set-up, i.e. what sound interface, monitors, MIDI controllers, synthesizers, FX, or drum machines you might have.

* 11. Which days of the week are best for you to take a Konsole workshop?

* 12. Please let us know if there's anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself, or anything in particular that you'd like to learn, or work on at Konsole?

* 13. Where did you hear about Konsole?