Background information

In 2012, the ILRI comms team organized a series of 'Komms Klinics' about six different areas of communication and knowledge management/sharing. These can all be found on:

In 2013, we want to improve our Komms Klinics to better respond to your needs and interests.

With this survey, we seek your feedback to find practically what worked or not in 2012 and what would work better for you in 2013.

This survey will take about 7 minutes to fill out; we will share the results afterwards.

Many thanks for your cooperation and feedback!

Question Title

* 1. Did you find the six communication areas which we focused on (engaging with audiences, meetings and conversations, public awareness, finding & managing information, multimedia, publishing & design) useful and relevantfor your work?

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* 2. How would you rate the quality of the content of our Komms Klinics generally?

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* 3. How would you rate the relevance of the content of our Komms Klinics sessions for your work?