* 1. How did your company first hear about EHC?

* 2. What is your company's preferred method of contact for new suppliers?

* 3. It is our goal to provide our customers with timely and accurate information. Please rate the following:

  Unsatisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied
How satisfied are you with our response to RFQs and pricing inquiries?
How satisfied are you with EHC's technical assistance, engineering and design support?
How satisfied are you with the availability of samples and parts?
How satisifed are you with the level of communication regarding order status? (production status, ship date)
How satisfied are you with quality and delivery?

* 4. EHC strives for all website visitors to have a pleasant experience. Please rate the following:

  Poor Satisfactory Excellent
Website Ease of Use
Product Information
Design Resources and Support (CAD)

* 5. Would you refer EHC to others?

* 8. It is the intention of all EHC staff to treat everyone with respect and provide and experience that is both personally and professionally satisfying. Please rate your overall satisfaction with EHC.

* 9. We appreciate you taking the time to complete our survey. Your feedback is very important to us and will allow our staff to better serve you in the future. Please provide your company name and a method of contacting you.