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"What do you want the candidates to be talking about as they compete for votes in the Nov. 3 general election?”

The Journal, the Kansas Leadership Center's civic issues magazine, received more than 800 responses from across the state. Respondents overwhelmingly mentioned three issues they would like to see candidates running for office discuss – the economy, health care and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Education and social issues figured less prominently in survey responses but were still mentioned by dozens of respondents. A number of readers wanted to know about issues related to Black Lives Matter and law and order. Immigration figured prominently as well. Among social topics, abortion was mentioned less often but tended to be a very pivotal issue to those who brought it up.

The Journal plans to build its election coverage this Fall around the three issues mentioned most often by readers – the economy, health care and the COVID-19 pandemic. We also plan to ask a question about criminal justice.

As part of its efforts, The Journal plans to survey candidates running for the Kansas Legislature. The hope is to provide Kansans with thoughtful, nonpartisan information that makes it easier for them to be civically engaged through voting and other forms of civic participation.

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* 1. Here are the questions we plan to focus on asking:


These are tough times. Kansans will likely need elected officials willing to lead on a number of difficult challenges. As an office holder, how will you work in service of helping us navigate this period of distress and strengthen our communities, state and nation for the long term? 


What should the future of health care be? Would you prioritize affordability, access or something else? To what extent should government be involved, and should it be doing the same, less or more than it is now?

How should the Legislature resolve its ongoing debate about Medicaid expansion? 

The Journal recently reported about patients being sued for unpaid medical debt being sent to jail for missing court dates. Should this be an issue of concern for the Legislature? If so, what do you think should be done?


What should the government’s role be in facilitating economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic? Are there any specific things you would like to see done/not done?

What would you prioritize when dealing with shortfalls in revenues that fund state services? What would you do about taxes? How would you deal with the state budget’s funding for K-12 education?


The pandemic further exposed a lack of broadband access in parts of the state and other divides in access to Internet service. What do you think should be done?

How would you evaluate the response in Kansas to the COVID-19 pandemic thus far? Do you think that officials have done too much, too little, or about the right amount to limit the spread of the coronavirus?

Should the COVID-19 pandemic continue into 2021, what would your top priority be: keeping the economy going, stopping the spread of the virus, or something else? Please explain why.


How should legislators respond to the events of this summer, such as the prison outbreaks of COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter protests and concerns about preserving law and order, in shaping the state’s criminal justice system for the future? 

Consider the following statement: The Journal is asking questions of candidates that would be useful to my civic engagement.

To what extent would you agree or disagree with that statement?

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* 2. Please share any thoughts you have about what The Journal could do to make its questions or coverage more useful to the civic engagement of yourself and others.

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* 3. Please provide an email address so that we may follow up with you.

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